Dwipreproc -eddy error solution



dwipreproc: [WARNING] sampling of b=600 shell is strongly asymmetric; distortion correction may benefit from use of: -eddy_options " ... --slm=linear ... "
dwipreproc: Total readout time not provided at command-line; assuming sane default of 0.1
Command:  mrinfo dwi.mif -export_grad_mrtrix grad.b
Command:  dwi2mask dwi.mif - | maskfilter - dilate - | mrconvert - eddy_mask.nii -datatype float32 -strides -1,+2,+3
Command:  mrconvert dwi.mif -import_pe_table dwi_manual_pe_scheme.txt eddy_in.nii -strides -1,+2,+3,+4 -export_grad_fsl bvecs bvals -export_pe_eddy eddy_config.txt eddy_indices.txt
Command:  eddy_cuda --imain=eddy_in.nii --mask=eddy_mask.nii --acqp=eddy_config.txt --index=eddy_indices.txt --bvecs=bvecs --bvals=bvals --out=dwi_post_eddy
dwipreproc: [WARNING] Command failed: eddy_cuda --imain=eddy_in.nii --mask=eddy_mask.nii --acqp=eddy_config.txt --index=eddy_indices.txt --bvecs=bvecs --bvals=bvals --out=dwi_post_eddy
dwipreproc: [WARNING] CUDA version of eddy appears to have failed; trying OpenMP version
Command:  eddy_openmp --imain=eddy_in.nii --mask=eddy_mask.nii --acqp=eddy_config.txt --index=eddy_indices.txt --bvecs=bvecs --bvals=bvals --out=dwi_post_eddy
dwipreproc: [ERROR] Command failed: eddy_openmp --imain=eddy_in.nii --mask=eddy_mask.nii --acqp=eddy_config.txt --index=eddy_indices.txt --bvecs=bvecs --bvals=bvals --out=dwi_post_eddy (dwipreproc:853)
dwipreproc: Output of failed command:
            Segmentation violation, Address not mapped, Offending address = 0x28
            /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 strlen [0x7fdb7e6e0746]
            eddy_openmp ) [0x6062eb] [&X�?
            eddy_openmp ) [0x5ff163] [&X�?
            eddy_openmp ) [0x45f759] [&X�?

Hello everyone, I’m wondering about dwipreproc
That failed because of eddy_cuda actually but now I’m using a virtual machine in Windows10 (but OS using mrtrix3 is ubuntu 16.04)
Is that any solution to solve that warning?

  1. [WARNING] sampling of b=600 shell is strongly asymmetric; distortion correction may benefit from use of: -eddy_options " … --slm=linear … "

  2. [ERROR] Command failed: eddy_openmp --imain=eddy_in.nii --mask=eddy_mask.nii --acqp=eddy_config.txt --index=eddy_indices.txt --bvecs=bvecs --bvals=bvals --out=dwi_post_eddy (dwipreproc:853)

In here?


For the first issue, refer to the FSL EDDY documentation – the bit where they discuss ‘sampling on the sphere’. To cut a long story short, add -eddy_options "--slm=linear " to your dwipreproc call to silence the warning – although there’s a good chance it won’t make all that much difference.

The second issue is more problematic though. Clearly, your eddy_openmp command is crashing out with a memory access violation (most likely a bug). To debug this one, you’d need to inspect the contents of the temporary folder (you can see its location in your output, it’s probably still there, but if not, invoke with -nocleanup) to check all the inputs to that eddy_openmp command are valid and as the command would expect. If everything looks OK, try running that eddy_openmp command directly within that folder (i.e. copy/paste that line into a terminal, with the working directory set to the temporary folder). If that still crashes out with the same error, then you’d need to refer to the FSL support forum…

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