How to check the progress of fixelcfestats


I ran fixelcfestats fd files.txt design_matrix.txt contrast_matrix.txt tracks_2_million_sift.tck stats_fd and here is the output on screen:

fixelcfestats: number of fixels: 767739
fixelcfestats: [100%] preloading data for "fd/directions.mif"
fixelcfestats: [100%] loading template fixel directions and positions
fixelcfestats: [done] validating input files
fixelcfestats: [100%] pre-computing fixel-fixel connectivity
fixelcfestats: [100%] normalising and thresholding fixel-fixel connectivity matrix
fixelcfestats: [100%] loading input images and smoothing
fixelcfestats: [done] outputting beta coefficients, effect size and standard deviation

It has been a few hours that there is no progress. How can I know whether it is still running or it faced a problem?

Thank you,