Installation error in windows


when I install the mrtrix3 to my window computer, I input:

git config --global "John Doe"
git config --global
git config --global push.default upstream

into my terminal. it will show bash:git: command not found. could you please tell me how to deal with this trouble?


It sounds to me like you’ve not installed the required dependencies – did you run the pacman command as per the installation instructions?

Also, a couple of minor points:

  • you probably don’t need to run these commands at all – unless you intend to contribute to the development of MRtrix3? We should amend our instructions on that front (I assume installation will work fine without these commands, but I’d need to verify that).

  • if you do type in these commands, you need to edit them to match your own name and email address. Again, we probably need to edit our instructions to make that clear…