logFC regression with fixelcfestats


Hey MRtrixperts,

I’ve ran a simple age regression analysis in the FBA pipeline with a contrast that looks like:

0 1

and a design matrix that looks something like

1 26.34
1 3.34
1 3.34
1 -10.65
1 -12.65

To present the information it would be useful to have a change in FDC/FD/FC per year/decade.
I assume for FD & FDC if you take beta1.mif and multiply by 100 this would give change per year per fixel.

mrcalc beta1.mif 100 -mult chg_per_year.mif

my question is though, since logFC is used instead of FC, how would you calculate the change per year of FC?
If my assumptions are correct then beta1 would be equal to log(FC)/age, and taking the exponential of beta1 would yield FC*e^(1/age).

Is there a way to do this? Are my assumptions correct?

Thanks for all the help