Tck in MNI space


Dear Mrtrix experts,
I followed the steps proposed by @eloydelas in 2016 “Warping tck files using ANTS warps” to normalize my tracts to MNI space. I didn’t get any error and my tck fils is now in MNI space; however, I didn’t get the stunning registration that @eloydelas had. Just wondering if you have more recent recommendation to make this even better.
Thanks a lot for making this great software available!! Amelia


Dear Amelia,

Only one consideration in the proposed method to normalize tracts to MNI space. The qform and sform codes could be different after processing the images. It is essential to handle correctly the header information. To avoid this problem you could just use the option of fsl “copysfrom2qform” in fslorient.

All the best,



Thank you so much @eloydelas! Your suggestion significantly improved my results!
Best, Amelia