Tract segment coloring in mrview


Hi, I have a tck file having 100 fibers where each fiber consists of 100 equidistant segments. Those segments have different metric values. How do we display the values along the individual fibers in mrview? I know scalar file can be loaded to color individual fiber but not sure how to color multiple fiber segments in each fiber. Many Thanks for help. Justin


Hi @Jeongwon_Jeong,

If, from the sampled values along each streamline, you compute some summary statistic (e.g. mean), then you will only have one value per streamline. If you want to have a unique value per streamline vertex, then you need to store such data using the Track Scalar File (.tsf) format (unfortunately this format is not yet described in the documentation). If you are using the tcksample command, simply omit the -stat_tck option (i.e. don’t compute a summary statistic per streamline), and specify a target output file path that includes the .tsf suffix, and the command will generate such a file; this can then be loaded within the mrview tractography tool in order to colour and/or threshold the display of streamlines.



Hi, Rob
This worked for me well. Many Thanks, Justin