ACT tractography crash

Hi everyone. I encountered another crash while playing with mrtrix, in this case when using tckgen for anatomically constrained tractography.

This is the basic command that works fine:
tckgen -act 5TT.mif wm_csd.mif act_tracts.tck -seed_image mask.mif -backtrack

When I use -seed_gmwmi gmwmi.mif instead of -seed_image mask.mif the command crashes (segfault). It is probably an issue with the wmgm-interface segmentation obtained via: 5tt2gmwmi 5TT.mif gmwmi.nii.gz
Loading it in mrview also leads to a crash. Interestingly, if you try it very often, sometimes it displays successfully (5-10% success rate). I looked at the data in MITK and it seems fine.
You can download the dataset here:

Thank you for your help,

Random crashes like this make me suspect you may have this problem. Can you post the contents of your release/config file? What version of Eigen are you using?

You are right. Wrong Eigen version. The stable version fixed my problem. Thank you!