Best Global Tractography Algorithm

Dear MRtrix3 Users,

Well, I want to generate a whole brain tractography, I have researched the best recently used methods, I found that among the best methods is the CSD probabilistic algorithm based on HARDI data.
Could you provide me some additional information on the best global tractography algorithm.

I will appreciate any help.
Best Regards.

Hi Abir,

It’s important to distinguish between “whole-brain” tractography and “global” tractography; these are two different concepts. Hopefully you can access this book chapter where I disambiguate these.

The default in MRtrix3 is the iFOD2 algorithm, which operates on FOD data estimated through the CSD method. The default parameters are configured based on what seems to do reasonably well for typical human brain data, but as you can see from the tckgen help page, it’s not like there’s a single set of parameters that works for everything. But in general most seem to agree that this combination does reasonably well. As far as what is “the best”, from a purely technical perspective I’m impressed by the Parallel Transport Tractography algorithm, but it’s not yet implemented in MRtrix3.


Dear Smith,

Thank you very much for the informations,
I really appreciate that,

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