BIDS MRtrix3 Preprocessed Still Throws Eddyqc error

Hi there,

I have been using the BIDS app for MRtrix and it’s been very good. I recently updated it from the latest release that incorporates eddyqc.

It seems like even though I use the preprocessed flag, it still tries to access files that would be generated from eddyqc and then the script fails because they don’t exist (because the data is preprocessed).

The flag is thrown at line 750: run.function(shutil.copytree, 'eddyqc', os.path.join(output_dir, 'dwi'))

Would be great if this could get resolved, or if it’s something bad on my end I would love to learn how to fix this.

Thanks so much.

Hi Sabir,

While I fixed this a couple of months back, I never got around to actually merging it… I tend to forget that this isn’t just a bunch of code that only I have access to :-/

I’ve merged the code changes and created the new tag on DockerHub; hopefully it’s properly available by the time you get to reading this.


Hey Rob,

Perfect, will give it a try. Thanks so much!