Broken link to additional preprocessing (analysis of AFD derived from FODs)

Hi MRtrix team,

Hope everyone is well in this strange (should be at ISMRM) times.

I am finally going to give a go myself to a fixel based analysis, and bumped into a broken link:

Are you in the processing of updating this?

Thank you for all the good work and the amazing tools you have built!



In the meantime I found I was looking at the previous documentation…

I am already on this link:



Hi Luis,

Can you point me to the page in the docs where you found this link? I can’t find any trace of it in the docs themselves. Maybe you came across it on the forum? Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that links that point to the ‘latest’ version of the docs will survive a version update – we often make changes to how the docs are structured, which invalidate these links. In the case of the link you refer to, it looks like the last version that page existed was 0.3.16.

In short: as far as I can tell, the docs themselves are self-consistent, with no broken links (as far as I know), but there’s every chance that external links to it (e.g. from the forum) are outdated. There’s not a lot we can do about that other than fix these old posts to bake in the exact version of the docs they refer to rather than ‘latest’. I try to use versioned links to prevent this happening in my own posts, but I must admit I don’t always remember…

Hi Donald,

You already do a lot, and I acknowledge that a lot of posts you get are from people like me that could have spent 30 more seconds searching before posting :sweat_smile:

At any case, I was indeed following the 0.3.16 tutorial - - and it was here that this link did not display.

I am already on track with the updated one.



OK, you’re right, there’s a broken link in there… Not much we can do about this now unfortunately, since we can only fix this by committing the fix to the main repo, but the docs for that old version are build from the 0.3.16 git tag, so for these changes to propagate, we’d also need to update the tag itself to point to the new commit, which is not something I’d be comfortable doing unless there was something very seriously wrong…

So in short, we’ll leave things as-is. That version was already outdated with 3.0_RC1 back in July 2017…

Hi again Donald,

Of course; I didn’t want to create any entropy!

Hopefully I will be constructive in further occasions :slight_smile:



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