Build failed on RHEL7

git clone
./build clean
git pull
EIGEN_CFLAGS="-isystem “$(pwd)/eigen-eigen-f562a193118d”" ./configure -noshared

gcc version 7
python version 3.3.1

picked errors in build.log (many similar)
ERROR: ( 84/441) [CC] release/cmd/tcksift.o
error: invalid use of non-static data member ‘MR::Transform::voxelsize’

Interesting… I haven’t yet been upgraded to GCC 7 on Arch Linux (still on 6.2.1), I’m guessing this will be the reason we haven’t come across this yet.

Maybe you could try clang instead if it’s available on RHEL 7? This will actually become the default soon (it seems to produce better optimised code with Eigen). I think all you’d need to do is:

CXX=clang++ ./configure 

In the meantime, maybe you could provide more context for that error you’re getting? I’d need to know at least which line of code is responsible for this…