Cannot apply smoothing filter to mesh image

Hello experts,
I have a brain mesh file saved in VTK format. I am trying to smooth it to get the inflated brain.
I am using meshfilter function to get the output.

meshfilter -smooth_spatial input.vtk -200 output.vtk

The filter is so high to get the inflated brain.
I know that there is something wrong with the syntax that I am using but I cannot figure it out.

I would really appreciate the help!
Thank you in advance,

I think this is what you’re looking for:

meshfilter input.vtk smooth -smooth_spatial 200 output.vtk

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OK, it worked. Still, the mesh is not completely inflated but I think I’m going to play with smooth parameter.
Many thanks!

While using more aggressive smoothing will do something akin to inflation of a brain toward a sphere, it is not identical to other softwares that explicitly construct a non-linear mapping of the cortical surface to a spherical space and can provide data partially warped between the two. If you are trying to get “the inflated brain”, you will likely have greater success using an algorithm that is tailored to performing such a manipulation of the data. It’s difficult to predict exactly what the algorithm implemented in meshfilter will do under such extreme circumstances…