DESIGNER pipeline

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Daan Christiaens recently referred me to this paper.
I wonder if any of mrtrix developers had a closer look at this pipeline and recommend it for using as the preprocessing steps for FBA? Specifically, I want to know whether Rician bias correction and B1 inhomogeneity correction are implemented in MRTRIX?

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Dave had a play around with Jelle’s Rician bias removal code before he left but didn’t have much success. It’s definitely something I would very much like to have in place though.

Taking a quick look at both the publication and their code, it seems they’ve resorted to the analytical solution for Rician bias correction; that doesn’t require any explicit dedicated code, it’s more or less just an mrcalc call.

B1 inhomogeneity correction is addressed both by dwibiascorrect and mtnormalise.


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