Dwi2response dhollander and dwi2fod multitissue WM gives me FODs in white matter and spheres in GM


I made a standard calulation 3 x b-vallues with the “dwi2response dhollander” and the multitissue “dwi2fod” and the WM FOD file gives me FODs in the CSF and the GM FOD file gives me just spheres. The CSF file also has only spheres.

WM FOD only, but data in the CSFarea!

GM FOD multi tissue gives me just spheres.

Any ideas or where do I have to look into.

I hope you can help,

thanks, Ralf

Hi Ralf,

This is the expected behavior of the algorithm. The GM and CSF are modeled as isotropic compartments. Probably the one you are interested in is the WM FOD.

Best regards,