Dwi2response: [ERROR] Error trying to calculate statistics from image '_crudenonwm.mif'

the above error seems to occur for a few of my subjects. Most of the subjects completed dwi2response without any issues. The input file has undergone dwifslpreproc and dwibiascorrect.

i’m using MRtrix3 3.0.4

I have uploaded the input file as a .nii.gz file together with its bval and bvec here input.zip - Google Drive

 [junhong.yu@hpc-r001 dwi]$  dwi2response dhollander DWI_biascorr.mif wm_response.txt gm_response.txt csf_response.txt -nthreads 6 -force

dwi2response: Generated scratch directory: /scratch/junhong.yu/LFC/BIDS/sub-099/dwi/dwi2response-tmp-NSD85F/
dwi2response: Importing DWI data (/scratch/junhong.yu/LFC/BIDS/sub-099/dwi/DWI_biascorr.mif)...
dwi2response: Changing to scratch directory (/scratch/junhong.yu/LFC/BIDS/sub-099/dwi/dwi2response-tmp-NSD85F/)
dwi2response: Computing brain mask (dwi2mask)...
dwi2response: -------
dwi2response: 4 unique b-value(s) detected: 0,500,1000,2000 with 13,6,48,60 volumes
dwi2response: -------
dwi2response: Preparation:
dwi2response: * Eroding brain mask by 3 pass(es)...
dwi2response:   [ mask: 693075 -> 560092 ]
dwi2response: * Computing signal decay metric (SDM):
dwi2response:  * b=0...
dwi2response:  * b=500...
dwi2response:  * b=1000...
dwi2response:  * b=2000...
dwi2response: * Removing erroneous voxels from mask and correcting SDM...
dwi2response:   [ mask: 560092 -> 560092 ]
dwi2response: -------
dwi2response: Crude segmentation:
dwi2response: * Crude WM versus GM-CSF separation (at FA=0.2)...
dwi2response: [ERROR] Error trying to calculate statistics from image '_crudenonwm.mif'

I realized this might have something to do with the mask that was used for dwifslpreproc.

Previously i specified a mask, that was generated using freesurfer’s mri_synthstrip, for dwifslpreproc, and i ended up with the above error when i attempted dwi2response. This mask looks fine visually.

So i redid the dwifslpreproc without specifying any mask and everything works out fine.