Dwi2response seems not work for rodent data

I have collected some rodent data at 11.7T with one b-value = 1000. When I ran the dwi2response with dhollander algorithm, the value in the gm.txt is

 # Shells: 0,999 # command_history: /home/opt/mrtrix3/bin/amp2response dwi.mif voxels_gm.mif safe_vecs.mif response_gm.txt -shells '0,1000' -isotropic  (version=3.0.3-49-g99449855-dirty)

and the gm.mif that generated from the ss3t_csd_beta1 is going to be all zero

Can you please advise me as to solve the error?

Thank you

Hi @ThijsDhollander
Thanks for your reply… I’m not sure why I can’t find the prior answer in this topic. The rodent image was processed with denoise, unringing, N4 bias correction, and eddy current correction. We have upsampled the data to 0.125 mm isotropic. Here is preprocessed b0 image and b1000 image:

We have manually delineated a brain mask for data process.
The voxel.mif derived from the dwi2response like follow:

I find the green gray matter voxels are much more than the other two tissues. Is this correct? It is quite different from the gray matter voxels for human data.

Thanks !