dwi2tensor output with DKI

Is the dwi2tensor dki output documented anywhere in more details: “If diffusion kurtosis is estimated using the -dkt option, these are stored as follows: volumes 0-2: W1111, W2222, W3333 ; volumes 3-8: W1112, W1113, W1222, W1333, W2223, W2333 ; volumes 9-11: W1122, W1133, W2233 ; volumes 12-14: W1123, W1223, W1233 ;”? What to the W#### correspond to? Which one is the AWF etc.?

Hi Fahad,

The W#### coefficients are the elements of the kurtosis tensor; the three indices correspond to the three spatial axes. I expect the descriptions in the relevant manuscripts to be more comprehensive than what anyone is likely to write up on here.

The AWF is not estimated by dwi2tensor; AFAIK this parameter is typically attributed to the “White Matter Tract Integrity (WMTI)” model specifically rather than “DKI”.