Dwipreproc command not found

Dear MRtrix3 Community:

I am trying to follow the steps of the following link:


The problem is that I am getting this error: “dwipreproc: command not found”

Looks like I don’t have that script. Can somebody told me how to install it.

Have a nice day,

Aldo Camargo

Hi Aldo,

Did you add the scripts folder to your path? You can do this by calling ./set_path, as explained in the docs. Afterwards, the output of echo $PATH should contain path/to/mrtrix3/scripts in the list.


Hi Daan:

Thanks a lot for the quick answer. I didn’t set the path for the scripts. :slight_smile:
I just did it and now is working the dwipreproc command.



Hi Daan
hello I have the same problem, but when I try to add to the path the scripts used ./set_path it returns -No such file or directory-

Have a nice day,


Hi Eduardo,

The set_path script exists in the root directory of your MRtrix3 installation. Therefore to execute it you will need to navigate your current working directory to this root MRtrix3 directory. The “./” in “./set_path” instructs the shell interpreter that you are attempting to execute a file that resides in your current working directory, hence why you need to navigate there first.