Error messages -the second

Dear MRtrix masters!

According to master rsmith’s help, I was able to overcome the previous error and I have complete whole brain tractography of one person. So I have been making my own shell script.

there is no problem in the mrconvert and dwidenoise commands, However, I also encounter the error messages in the dwipreproc command during processing some raw data files. but in some cases, there is no error in the dwipreproc process so it runs to the end. I don’t know what make these differences.

dwipreproc -rpe_none -fslgrad bvecs bvals AP dti_denoise.mif dti_preproc.nii

Error messages are below;

mrconvert: [ERROR] invalid first line for key/value file “dti_denoise.mif” (expected “mrtrix image”)
mrconvert: [ERROR] error opening image “dti_denoise.mif”

in this case, dti_denoise.mif will not open even if there is no error in the dti_denoise process just like the second error message.

I guess the errors have come from the original raw data. If there are the methods to overcome or bypass the errors, please let me know.


I have solved this problem after reading the previous question. ERROR message

The common situation of both cases is the data in the portable hard disk.

The command “dwipreproc” may not work for data in the portable hard disk. After transferring data to the hard disk of the main computer, all error messages were gone.

But one question still remains. What did make the error messages in the course of processing data in a portable hard disk?



Good to hear. As to what the error message would have been: this is an issue we’ve been grappling with for a while now (see this issue and the subsequent pull request on GitHub if you’re interested. This will be included in a future release, but we haven’t pushed it to the main master branch yet on the off-chance it causes problems.

@rsmith: might be worth merging those changes to master too? Has it been tested on MacOSX? Although I’d probably ditch the last commit on that branch (962e3921) - it’s Windows-specific and doesn’t do anything anyway…