Error on visualizing FBA statistics using mrview

I am trying to visualize zstats.mif using mrview, but an error occurs. mrview was run through mingw64 on Windows. Opened wmfod_template.mif in mrview. When I go to Tool → Fixel plot and try to open Zstat.mif, it says ‘Error loading “C:/msys64/home/user/Zstat.mif” as a fixel dataset’. When I clicked ‘Show Details’,

Could not find index image in directory C:/msys64/home/user
Couldn’t open “C:/msys64/home/user/Zstat.mif” as a Directory fixel dataset
Vector image C:/msys64/home/user/Zstat.mif should contain 4 dimensions. Instead 3 found.
Couldn’t open “C:/msys64/home/user/Zstat.mif” as a 4D vector image
Error loading “C:/msys64/home/user/Zstat.mif” as a fixel dataset

It comes out as shown above. How can I solve this? Is there a problem with Zstat.mif?