[ERROR] required input file "sift_1mio.tck" not found

Dear teams,
I am new to MRtrix3. In the tutorial “https://andysbrainbook.readthedocs.io/en/latest/MRtrix/MRtrix_Course/MRtrix_08_Connectome.html”, “Creating the Connectome”, I get an error : [ERROR] required input file “sift_1mio.tck” not found.
I don’t find sift_1_mio.tck file in my computer. Where to find this file? I use ds001226 from openneuro.org. Thanks.

The site you’re looking at is not maintained by or affiliated to the MRtrix3 team – it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Our official documentation is hosted here. If you want to chase up the maintainer of the site you were looking at, this is where to look (maintainer is Andrew Jahn, from what I can gather) – though it’s pretty clear from the README that his site is under construction…