Error when using -fslgrad

Dear MRtrix experts,

I’m doing dwi2response with following script :

dwi2response tournier mc_A001_bet.nii.gz A001_wm_response.txt -fslgrad A001.bvec A001.bval -voxels A001_voxels.mif

(mc_A001_bet.nii.gz is motion and eddy corrected data).
However, I got

Error: unrecognized arguments: -fslgrad A001.bvec A001.bval

Then I did

mrconvert  mc_A001_bet.nii.gz mc_A001_bet.mif.gz -fslgrad A001.bvec A001.bval

And I got error again:

[ERROR] unknown option "-fslgrad A001.bvec"

I don’t know if there is something wrong with my bvec and bval? I got them from dcm2nii by MRIcron. They are looks good to me.

Thanks for help.


I’ve never seen this before… But for some reason, it looks like some of your spaces are not interpreted as spaces. It thinks “-fslgrad A001.bvec” doesn’t have a space in it, since it’s interpreting it as one big option name. Is there something unusual about your language or keyboard setup…?

Could it be one of these Unicode space separators? The shell will only treat an ASCII space (0x20) as an actual token separator.

Right, seems like it’s about the input method. It works now when I type the script directly in the terminal instead of copying from notepad… :sweat_smile:
Thanks very much.