FD, FC, FDC calculation

Hello @jdtournier ,
I hope you are doing great. I am trying to calculate scaler images of fixel-based-analysis.
I calculated afd.mif [apparent fiber density] from fod2fixel function. Now, I would like to calculate scalar image of fixels using fixel2voxel. My command is:

fixel2voxel afd.mif sum total_afd.mif

Then, again for FC.mif,
warp2metric subject2template_warp.mif -fc AFD_folder FC_folder IN.mif
fixel2voxel IN.mif sum FC.mif

For FDC.mif
mrcalc FD.mif FC.mif -mult FDC.mif

I am wondering if these command lines are correct or not.

I am waiting for your favorable response.