Figuring out phase encoding (PE) from PVM_SPackArrReadOrient

Hi everyone =)

I am inspecting some of the data I have been handed to figure out the PE for pre-processing purposes for DWI analyses, and I have been told that PE can be inferred from the output PVM_SPackArrReadOrient in the method file from Paravision (I’m using a Bruker BioSpin 9.4T). I did not perform the scans; I was just handed the data and asked to analyse it to the best of my (still nonexistent) ability.

So, I have been told that PVM_SPackArrReadOrient = (1) H_F corresponds to PE axis L_R. But I have no idea why this is, and how this is inferred. I also have one scan that has PVM_SPackArrReadOrient = (1) L_R, so I kinda need to know what PE this scan has as well.

How can I infer the PE from this output? Or do I need to check other outputs in the method (or another) file?