Fixelcfestats error in older version

Hi All,

I am running fixelcfestats in a server which has an older version of MRtrix. I am running it on the server because I don’t have enough ram on my computer and I cannot update it on the server. It says “number of input files does not match the number of rows in design matrix”. I have tried to add or remove a row in the files and changed the format of the files using dos2unix, but still, I have the same error. When I run it on my computer I don’t get this error and it starts running and after a while, the process is killed because of the memory. Can you please help me with that?


I think what tends to be responsible here is the presence or absence of a newline character for the last line in the file, or the presence or absence of one or more empty lines after the last input filename. Try different combinations of those and see if one works.

Hi Robert,

I have tried all the combinations and tried to update MRtrix in the server but any of them didn’t work. Do you have any other suggestion I could try? I am stuck on the last step and I cannot do anything.


One of many things I’ve improved but have not yet been able to push out :-/

One thing you could try is to change fixelcfestats.cpp:249:

throw Exception ("number of input files does not match number of rows in design matrix");


throw Exception ("number of input files (" + str(identifiers.size()) + ") does not match number of rows in design matrix (" + str(design.rows()) + ")");

And recompile. That would at least tell you how may entries the command thinks is in each file, which might then give an indication of which of the two files might be problematic and how.

(Have been trying to include such information in errors like these across the board…)