Fod2fixel error: "does not contain SH coefficients - unexpected number of coefficients"

Hi experts!

I’ve been following this tutorial from the documentation on how to generate fixel data, but have gotten stuck on the fod2fixel step. I am getting the error, ‘image “template.mif” does not contain SH coefficients - unexpected number of coefficients’.
I’m wondering if anyone can provide insight here–I’m using the template generated in the population_template step, from the dwi.mif file resulting from msmt_csd. Thanks so much for any help or recommendations on troubleshooting!

Replying to this to note that I realized that the dwi.mif image is not a FOD image. Currently re-running to template creation step using the white matter FOD image. For anyone who is familiar, does this sound correct? Thank you so much!

:+1: yes, that sounds right! I was going to suggest the use of the dwi.mif in the FOD template creation sounded a bit iffy, but it looks like you came to the same conclusion yourself – all good.