Fod2fixel error said: Cannot use image template_mask.mif as mask image; dimensions do not match FOD image

Hi experts,

When I trying to do fixelbased analysis, I encounter one error.

The command is : fod2fixel -mask /scratch/sftaylor_armis/Shared/OCD_DTI/fixelbased/OCDPre_vs_HcPre/template/template_mask.mif fod_in_template_space_NOT_REORIENTED.mif fixel_in_template_space_NOT_REORIENTED -afd fd.mif

The error said: fod2fixel: [ERROR] Cannot use image “/scratch/sftaylor_armis/Shared/OCD_DTI/fixelbased/OCDPre_vs_HcPre/template/template_mask.mif” as mask image; dimensions do not match FOD image

When I try to check the dimension of template and fod image using mrinfo
the dimension of template_mask.mif is
Dimensions: 136 x 170 x 133

The dimension of fod_in_template_space_NOT_REORIENTED.mif:
Dimensions: 136 x 170 x 133 x 45

Is there any wrong about this?
Thank you so much.


Hi Huan,

The comparison between the FOD image and the mask occurs here, and does appropriately only compare the first three axes to make sure that the number of voxels is the same. So there should be no issue based on your description. Can you post the full output of mrinfo for both images?

Hi Rsmith,

Thank you so much, you are so right, that’s my mistake. I retried, and you are right it’s right. Thanks.