Generate documentation

Hi MRtrixers,

Wondering how I can generate an off-line documentation from my mrtrix installation? Preferably “html” based. Have run the script in the /docs to generate the .rst-files, but how can I view them in some practical way (preferably html-based with relative links etc, rather then a LaTeX document)? The internet gives some suggestions, but I guess someone knows exactly what is the best way for mrtrix.


Hi Finn,

The restructured text documentation can certainly be compiled into PDF and off-line HTML; it’s our intention to include the compiled PDF as part of the package download when we release and provide pre-compiled binaries as an installation option. You can already download these from the online documentation: Go right down to the bottom of the sidebar and click on “Read the Docs”, it should expand and show the download links.

If you’re still eager to perform the compilation yourself, hopefully @rtabbara can point you in the right direction.


Hi Finn,

You’ll first need to install sphinx on your local machine

pip install sphinx sphinx-autobuild

Then in the MRtrix docs directory you can run

make html

This will generate a _build/html directory which contains all the generated html files, with index.html containing the root documentation page. Hope that helps!