Generating Global Tractography

Dear MRtrix3 Users,

I wanna generate a whole brain Tractography,
So I follwed the instructions mentioned in the mrtrix3 documentation,
I used the following command " tckgen WM_FODs_CSD.mif 100K.tck -seed_image nodif_brain_mask.nii -maxlength 125 -select 100K "
I got the results attached, I didn’t undrestand why the fibers are not continuous ?!

I will appreciate any advice.


Hi Abir,

I think you’ll find that at least most streamlines are continuous, but the default display is to only show the portions of the streamlines within a voxel’s thickness centred on the slice displayed – this may be what’s causing the confusion. Try playing around with the ‘crop to slab’ controls (near the bottom of the tractography tool).

All the best,

Dear Pr Tournier,

Thank you very much for the information,
It becomes clearer,
You are always helping me,

Best Regards,