Generating streamlines for a hemisphere, "Outlier" projections

Hi MRtrix community,

I’ve been trying to generate a tractogram for the left superior longitudinal fasciculus (SLF) using a mask for that region. However when I run the tckgen command (tckgen -act 5TT.mif -maxlength 250 -backtrack -cutoff 0.15 -seed_image L_SLF_mask.nii.gz -select 50000 wmfod.mif L_SLF.tck) I get the streamlines for that region, but with protections into the right corpus callousum. Is there a way I can eliminate these “outlier” streamlines?

Thank you in advance

This would typically be done using additional -exclude regions in tckgen, it’s not uncommon, particularly with probabilistic tractography.

On a different note: are you sure that’s SLF? It looks a lot more inferior than I’d expect, and closer in appearance to the IFOF… I may be wrong though, hard to tell from this particular projection.

Hi JD,

Thank you ! I’ll give the exclude option a go.

Yes, I thought so too, so I’ve gone ahead and run the analysis again and the result is looking more like the SLF.