Group averaged response function...?

I’m trying to follow the fixel based analysis steps found here:

On step #3, it says I should have a “group average response function” estimated previously. I used QSIprep to do all my pre-processing since we only scanned in one phase encoding direction.

I’m sure somewhere in the recommended pre-processing protocol, it says what the group average response function is and how to get it. Unfortunately, the link on the webpage is broken.

Can anyone link me to an explanation/explain it to me. Even searching the docs leads me to broken links (ie.

You’re right, there’s some broken links in there. This is what I think the correct link should be:


Part of the reason why the link was broken is because you are accessing a version of the documentation generated from a reasonably old version of MRtrix3 (0.3.16), back before we put mechanisms in place to prevent such from happening. If you’re accessing that version because that’s the specific version of MRtrix3 that you’re using (for whatever reason), that’s fine; but if you’re using that page because you just stumbled across it, you should instead navigate to the appropriate version of the documentation for your installation; if your installation is up to date, just go to the main documentation page.