Hardware for MRtrix

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We are just about to start recruiting for a large study which will be acquiring data from around 1000 cases over the next 4 years including diffusion. Obviously, we would like to use MRtrix for our analysis. My current computational sever setup takes around 20-24 hours to produce 100 million tracts for a single case. My question is: how long does it take other people to produce this number of tracts for a single case? If it is significantly quicker than 20 hours what is your computational setup, CPUs, RAM etc…? I am interested in this as we haven’t really set ourselves up for this yet and would like to get an idea of what is appropriate for the volume of analysis we will be performing.

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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend Mac hardware requirements for DWI preprocessing (topup/eddy) and the full suite of tractography tools in MRtrix, please? I’m new to both Apple and MRtrix so hoping for guidance.

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Hi Ryckie,

not a super great expert here, just an mrtrix-user.
However, from my experience you get most gain out of having a good CUDA-complient GPU (as this speeds up eddy immensely).
Secondly if you are considering fixel statistics you’ll need some big RAM for the CFE stats (as indicated in the manual).

For the rest, the more and the better the CPU’s the merrier I guess, as most mrtrix functions are quite well parallellized.