How to make the diffusion MRI phantoms to evaluate the tracking quality

Hi mrtrix users,

I am searching the way to make the phantom data to evaluate the tracking results, and I have found some ways to make them by fiberfox, phantomas. However, this software cannot work in my environment (Mac OS sierra)

Do you know the way to make the phantom data such as mrtrix test data or more realistic one?

Takafumi Yano.

Hi @TakafumiYano,

You could look at existing phantom data, some of which may have been generated with those pieces of software you mention (fiberfox, phantomas). However, if the only problem holding you back is software-technical (compatibility of those softwares with your environment), I would personally focus on rather resolving that. It shouldn’t be to hard to come by another computer/system in your lab that would run an OS capable of having e.g. fiberfox installed? I haven’t used fiberfox myself hands-on, but it definitely looks like a decent piece of software that I’d happily recommend for building tractography phantoms! Maybe @pneher can give you a few pointers on what it takes to get fiberfox up and running?