Installation problem on Fedora 33

My main problem consists in the ./configure it is getting me this error :
ERROR: error compiling Qt application!

See the file ‘configure.log’ for details. If this doesn’t help and you need
further assistance, please post on the MRtrix3 community forum
(, and make sure to include the full contents of
the ‘configure.log’ file.
I tried several times to change the path of qt5.

Dear Karen,

Please attach the contents of configure.log so we can have a look at what is going on.


Hello Ben, I am not able to access the file its showing while using the ls command but when I try to access it is not found

Can you try typing cat configure.log in your terminal – that should dump the full file contents on your terminal. If it’s not there, then try running ./configure again, and copy/paste the full terminal output here so we can see what’s going on.