Labelconvert for mouse brain

Hello Everyone,

I have a Look Up Table (LUT) of a mouse brain. I would like to use it for generating labels of mouse brain using “labelconvert” command same as human brain.I am wondering how could I possibly use it. I would like to use these labels for creating connectivity then after. Thank you very much.


Hi Suren,

I think there’s some ambiguity here regarding the word “label”: it’s used in MRtrix3 command names to refer to discrete parcellation images, but it can also be reasonably interpreted as referring to the descriptive names of such parcels (which is what a LUT provides). If all you have is a LUT, that is not adequate information in and of itself to produce a parcellation image; labelconvert can only be used to convert a parcellation image from one set of labels to another. So if your uncertainty can’t be resolved by the corresponding documentation page, you would need to be more precise in describing exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.


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