Mrconvert -vox change the voxel size of the header info, but does not resample the data

I just noticed that mrconvert -vox change the voxel size in the header, but does not resample the data. Is this designed as a feature or a bug?
But I have to say it does’t make any sense to me.

Hi Zonglei,

This is very much intended, and is reflected in the Description section of the mrconvert help page. Resampling an image onto a different voxel grid requires interpolation, which is over and above the scope of a command that is intended to perform “conversion” only.

If trying to retain the orientations of the image axes, but increase / decrease the resolution via resampling, then you are looking for the mrresize option. Alternatively, if you have a pre-defined voxel grid, and want to resample an image onto that grid, then the mrtransform option with the template option is appropriate.


Got it. Thanks very much, Rob!
I think it would be better to mark this in the instructions of the commands. now, the instruction for -vox option in mrconvert and mrresize is basically identical. It made me misunderstanding very much.