Mrdegibbs -axis flag documentation

Hi all,

Could someone point me to documentation regarding the axis flag in mrdegibbs? the BATMAN tutorial mention:
The “axes” option must be adjusted to your dataset: With this option,you inform the algorithm of the plane inwhich you acquired your data: –axes 0,1means you acquired axial slices; -axes 0,2refers to coronal slices and –axes 1,2 to sagittal slices

However, I am still unsure as to how to interpret the syntax eg 0,1 or 0,-1? doe the phase encode direction matter?


Nope, doesn’t matter. You’re basically just specifying whether it was an axial, coronal or sagittal acquisition; so there’s only 3 unique and sensible choices here (and only 1 that applies to your dataset at hand).

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