Mrinfo delimiter in encoding.b


I have a quick question. Did you change the delimiter in the encoding.b to “,” (comma)?

mrinfo $folder/ -export_grad_mrtrix encoding.b

gives me the vectros and b values separated by comma
I think it was a free space or something similar before. I have to use it for reorient my vectors after registration the data.
Will it stay as a comma or can I change it in order to use my scripts for vector reorientation?
Can MRTrix 3 read it, if it’s not a comma?

Main question: should I change my scripts or can mrinfo generate the delimiter from MRTrix 0.2 and can MRTrix 3 read that?

I hope that was understandable.



Whoops, that was my mistake… I’ll fix that ASAP.

OK, should be fixed now. You can update as usual:

git pull

Thank you, Sir.

Its better now. :wink:

Bye the way…it started with an FSL issue from yesterday. Fsl was giving me a Transformation Matrix with letters inside after flirt. And its fixed with Version 5.0.9!

Good to hear. I’m guessing this was the issue you were having with FSL? It has indeed been fixed - but it did have us scratching our heads for a while…