MRTrix workshop

Hi all,

I’m a new PhD student and I have started to work with dwi data so I’m learning how to use some tools and softwares. I’d want to know if there will be a workshop in the next months about MRTrix (I just saw the ISMRM Diffusion MRI Workshop dated in September).



Yes, this is something I’ve been meaning to organise. @bjeurissen set one up in Antwerp last year, and I think there was one in Melbourne too (?), it would be good to organise more of them, maybe on a more formal ongoing basis. As always, time is a serious limitation…

I wouldn’t mind getting some feedback from users about this. Specifically:

  • how much demand is there for such a workshop?
  • are there specific issues that would need to be covered?
  • what would be the best time & place to host it to ensure as many people can attend as possible? I’m assuming having it immediately before or after one of the main conferences (ISMRM or OHBM) would be a good option.
  • how long should such a workshop be - assuming a one day workshop might be more logistically feasible than a multi-day workshop.

We’re open to any suggestions on all fronts - and if anyone feels like helping out with getting it organised, an extra pair of hands is always welcome!

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I’m glad to hear that, I hope you can organise one! About the specifics topics that you mentioned, do a poll could help. Personally, I’m from Argentina, so I’d prefer the workshop takes more than one day.




I agree, I too would benefit from a workshop as I intend on using MRtrix3 tractography as part of my PhD. I feel a two day workshop would be sufficient, that covers both theoretical and how-to-do-it bits for beginners to white-matter data analysis like me. I’m in Sydney, so if you are planning on hosting it in Melbourne, I’m happy to come in a day early or so to help you set up if you need assistance with it! :slight_smile:

I would also be interested in a workshop.

Even though I’m based in Brisbane, I don’t believe an Australian workshop would attract many guests.

It would be better if it were located and held around the time of a major international conference (i.e SFN, HBM).


I am a PhD student and I am living in Chengdu (China), in our lab are some students interested in learn MRTrix. I think that we need more than one day. So, count us in.

I would be very interested in this! I am open to as long of a workshop as you are wiling/able to host. Any and all fixel-based training topics would be of interest to me.

Hello, I’m a PhD student in Neuroscience from Italy. I’ve just started to play with some DWI data by myself. I would like to learn well how to analyze in a proper way this type of dataset. Thus, I’m interested in a MRTrix workshop or informal meeting to both collaborate and confront each other :wink:



I’d be quite interested as well if it takes place in europe for 2 days. I’d be interested especially in tips&tricks on how to optimise tractography for clinical use and how to plan and realise connectome studies with clinical data.

I would be quite keen to join in aswell (preferrably somewhere in Europe) :slight_smile:

We’ll be holding a workshop after the ISMRM 2018 in Paris. Here is the announcement.

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Hello! Any plans to host any MRtrix workshops this year (like the one last year in Paris)? Thanks!

Hi Maria,

Indeed, there are such plans… We are in the process of finalising dates, so will announce more formally shortly. At this stage, it’s looking like we’ll be hosting a 4-5 day workshop in early September in Antwerp. Stay tuned for further announcements…


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Great! Looking forward to it!