Mrview blank when opening large images on haswell chips

We are having a weird problem with mrview3. The image window appears completely black when we open a large image (see below for mrinfo) on a haswell video card. This occurs when opening as an overlay as well. This problem doesn’t occur with nvidia cards.
When we use the -debug option we get a bunch of messages about “compiling OpenGL …” but nothing to indicate an error on the haswell video cards.

Any help appreciated.

Image: “T1.nii.gz”

Format: NIfTI-1.1 (GZip compressed)
Dimensions: 208 x 320 x 320
Voxel size: 0.8 x 0.78125 x 0.78125
Data type: 32 bit float (little endian)
Data strides: [ 1 2 3 ]
Intensity scaling: offset = 0, multiplier = 1
Comments: (none)
Transform: 1 -0.004964 -0.004058 -79.77
0.005061 0.9997 0.0242 -111.8
0.003937 -0.02422 0.9997 -115.8
0 0 0 1

Hi Chris,

OpenGL 3.3 support is pretty touch-and-go on integrated GPUs. The drivers are still lagging behind a little. But mrview depends on it.
Can you provide the text from the mrview Info -> OpenGL information box? Were there any warnings issued during the configure script?


Is this on Linux? Which distribution? Using what drivers? The open source mesa drivers do have OpenGL 3.3 support, but only using the latest versions (10.6 or so onwards). I expect things to work with decent drivers on Windows (although I haven’t tested…).

@rsmith: there’s no OpenGL warning issued at configure stage anymore - caused too many issues…

Ubuntu 14.04. Mesa drivers are 10.3. If it is a mesa driver issue then we might just have to upgrade them. Is there anyway of enforcing software opengl rendering?

That would also be handled by mesa…

@jdtournier: I am facing the exact described problem now! What was the solution for the original question? Thanks!