MRView - Lightbox Mode programatically

Dear experts,

I am including a line to automatically print the resultant tractography for quick quality control. I am currently running a command like this:

mrview ~/LinReg_T1.nii.gz -fullscreen -plane 2 -mode 4 -focus 0,0,-14 -overlay.load ~/FAFE.nii.gz -overlay.opacity 0.5 -tractography.load ~/Tractography/Right_UF/UF_Right_Track.tck -capture.folder ~/Tractography/Right_UF/ -capture.grab

The result looks fine but I can not define my LightBox slices range (Rows and Columns or Slice increment) programmatically. I can define the start point with Focus but not that number of boxes and etc. Is this currently possible?

Thank you all in advance!

Sorry, we haven’t got round to adding these options. There’s already an open issue for this, hopefully we’ll find the time to do this (and many other changes!) in the not too distant future… :slightly_frowning_face:

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Dear Tournier,
Thank you so much. Best,