Multisite Data

Hi all,

Is there any documentation on using multisite diffusion data with MRtrix3?


Hey Claude,

Depends in part on whether or not “multi-site” is a Trojan horse for some other difference :upside_down_face:

If you have identical scanner hardware, and an identical sequence protocol, then ideally inter-site differences would be indistinguishable from intra-site differences. The smallest differences that one may envisage creeping in would be in e.g. B0 shimming, B1- and B1+ fields, ADC gain, that sort of thing; but there are explicit processing steps already in place to deal with all of these, even if imperfectly. If you were doing a quantitative analysis you would likely include site of acquisition as a nuisance regressor, and you’d be pretty safe.

Where things get more complex is if it’s not just the site that’s varying, but also the acquisition protocol. E.g. If you have different b-values between sites, that’s clearly going to be problematic. But rather than writing an essay trying to enumerate and disentangle all possible differences here, I might defer and wait for more specific site differences that you may be concerned about.


Hi Rob,

I fear that you are correct regarding the Trojan horse here :slight_smile: The scanner manufacturer is the same but the models are different. To the extent possible the sequences are kept the same (eg b-values should be the same but the TE would be different).

I could elaborate but perhaps it will be too much to dump on the public forum.