Order of coef in dwi2tensor

Hi everybody,

Just quick question I couldn’t find on the documentation. When using dwi2tensor it creates a 4D files with the 6 tensor coefficients. Which is the order of them? I mean D11,D22,D33,D12,D23,D13 or what?


NOTE: Assuming tensor matrix as:
D11 D12 D13
D22 D23

Looking a bit into the data I think its D11, D22, D33, D12, D13, D23. It would be nice if someone can confirm.

That’s correct. I’ll make a note to document that in the command doc…

Thanks :slight_smile: Still one can reverse engineering this by reconstructing tensor from eigenvalues and eigenvectors (from tensor2metric) and checking manually in which position there are (that’s how I figured it out) but it would be welcome a little note in the dwi2tensor command docs.