Population_template error; failed to open key/value file

Hi all,

I’m trying to run population_template on 13 subjects. My code is as follows:
population_template /DIR/template/fod_input /DIR/template/wmfod_template.mif -mask_dir /DIR/template/mask_input -voxel_size 1.3

/template/fod_input and /template/mask_input each contain 13 .mif files, one from each subject

When I run it though, I get the following error messages:
mrinfo: [ERROR] failed to open key/value file “/DIR/template/fod_input/301.mif”: No such file or directory
mrinfo: [ERROR] error opening image “/DIR/template/fod_input/301.mif”
population_template: [ERROR] Could not access header information for image ‘/DIR/template/fod_input/301.mif’

Initially I was using .nii files but switching to .mif files didn’t change anything. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed?

I can’t immediately think of anything obvious here. Can you post the output of:

ls -l  /DIR/template/fod_input /DIR/template/mask_input

It might shed some light as to what’s going on…

I can reproduce the error message if the symbolic link is broken which is likely indicated by the red colour in your output (or check with find -L /DIR/template -type l | xargs echo).