QA of data similar to FSL slicesdir?


We are trying to integrate QA into our analysis pipeline & I’m curious if MRtrix has any tools already available for this purpose. Specifically, we’d like to generate screenshots like slicesdir creates of the FA, GM, & ROIs based off of MNI space of the data we create. While slicesdir can accomplish this purpose on its own for the most part, we’re also interested in doing QA of 3D brains (rather than just slices) & generate screenshots of these. What kind of method would accomplish this task? Please let me know if any further information or clarification is necessary.


Hi Amanda,

A similar question was asked not too long ago here. See how you go with the mrview command-line options.


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Just thought I’d draw you attention to this recent post - seems we might have a solution that would work, at least on Linux systems…

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