Render_frame.o error

Dear experts, I want to upgrade my mrtrix3, I downloaded the Eigen-3.3.7 and I have the g+±7 compiler, however when I run ./build I have the problem:

ERROR: (248/546) [CC] tmp/src/gui/dwi/render_frame.o

please, find attached the print screen of the error.

how can I fix it ??

Thank you in advance!!

Hi Javier,

Thanks for reporting this!

This is a known problem that is being fixed. Look here for more details: MRtrix 3.0.1 update errors

For now, you can either install qt5 >=5.5 or try the patched branch instead:

git fetch
git checkout fix_pixeldelta_qt4

It would be helpful if you could test the patched branch and report back so we are sure it fixes the issue and can include it in the main branch.

Hope this fixes your issue,

Hi Ben,

thank you for your help. I fixed the error with your advice and mrtrix3 updated correctly.

Thanks again

Hi Javier,

Can I ask you to confirm how you fixed the issue: did you update Qt, or use the patched branch? I’ve not had the chance to test that branch, so if it works, it would be useful to know!


I used the patched branch


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