Reversed phase encoding for all DWIs

I am sorry, if I duplicate topic or I am asking a stupid beginner question I am new here. I need an advice in following question:

I found in MRTrix3 documentary, that in case you’ve got a full PE and rPE (phase encoding, reverse phase encoding) scans, you can use both full datasets as an input for dwipreproc. If I am right in understanding, an algorithm will extract from them just b0 images and than FSL’s topup will make his stuff with using b0’s to estimate field inhomogenities and then FSL’s eddy will apply this estimation to some kind of correction of that susceptibility artefacts. :slight_smile:
If I am right (well, maybe I am not, please let me know), than there is no advantage in collecting full PE rPE datasets and the processing is the same as for dataset with just PE + some b0’s rPE (we are just elongating our measurement).

My questions are:

  1. Am I right? :slight_smile:
  2. If I am, is there any other possibility how to use full dataset?

Thanks for every idea, answer and thanks for your time. I appreciate it.