Single-shell vs. multi-shell DTI

Hello community,
In my lab we are acquiring diffusion MRI with multi-shell scheme. It is good for several analysis methods, such as NODDI, Kurtosis, etc… However, I have a question:
If I run DTI in the multi-shell data (only DTI fit), I continue to have the same issue related to crossing-fiber that DTI single-shell has?


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Hello Michele!
If the issue you refer to is the inability of the DT model to represent crossing fibers, the answer is yes. In that case you are still fitting a DT model but with more data points.
If you want to overcome that limitation, you will have to use another model such as Constrained Spherical Deconvolution. That is just one of the options, but it is the most popular one around this forum :wink:

Hi! Thanks for your answer.
I imagined that DTI multi-shell has the same issue of DTI single-shell, but I was not sure about it.
And…yea, I will not use standard DTI for multi-shell acquisition. I will try other methods. CSD might be a good method for my analysis!