Split tck file

Dear all,

I have obtained a whole brain track file and generated a NN connectome matrix out of it. Is it possible to split this tck file into NN separate tck files, each containing the tracts corresponding to a cell of the connectome?

Many thanks for suggestions,

I think the command you’re looking for is connectome2tck - works hand-in-hand with tck2connectome’s -out_assignments option.

Yes, that it exactly. I overlooked the command, I expected something starting with tck. :o)

Yes, the name of that command has changed once or twice. The reason it ended up becoming connectome2tck is because it uses pre-computed assignments of streamlines to connectome nodes used when producing the connectome in order to generate new track files, as opposed to re-performing that assignment process. But I’m not 100% married to either that concept or the command name…

Yes, I see. Anyway, played around with the tool today and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!