Start mrview with default options


is there a way to specifiy default options of how mrview opens at start?

Sure, I can make an alias mrview=‘mrview $1 -size 4000,3000 -mode 2’ e.g.
Or have MRViewInitWindowSize set in the general config file.

However I would like to set some tool panels open at default.
Overlay.load, tractgraphy.load, etc… need an input.
What if I want to have a default view with the overlay panel open, but no image loaded?
I can’t find any options for the general config file.

Thx in advance for any advice,

Hi Stefan,

Apart from MRViewInitWindowSize as you say, the rest would require explicit implementation of new config file entries (which is the right place for such control). Generally implementing new config file entries in the code is relatively easy, but in mrview it’s likely to be a little trickier. It’s a reasonable feature request, so I’d suggest adding an Issue on GitHub. It’s a long list right now, but this is something that might be feasible for someone outside of the core development team with a little C++ knowledge to take on.